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The Fulcrum™ Platform

A complete suite of novel technologies and proprietary tools for applying CRISPR technology to unlock unique, commercially viable products with differentiated plant genetics.


We have discovered that it takes only the smallest change to the tiniest of details to realize the epic potential of your business.

We call this The Seismic Tweak.

Through tiny alterations to a plant’s natural genetic sequence, we are able to deliver huge economic, social, and environmental change for people and businesses across the world.

And we do this faster and with more success than anyone else.


Let's Talk About Fulcrum

If your plant-based business or industry is ripe for transformation, then Pairwise, and our unique Fulcrum platform, is the right partner for you.

With Fulcrum, you can:

1. Change Flavor

like making mustard greens taste less like wasabi and more like lettuce

2. Improve Yield

like increasing beans per soybean pod or the amount of fruit on a blackberry bush

3. Reshape Architecture

like adapting plants for indoor agriculture or other growing environments, or turning trees into bushes

4. Adjust Plant Composition

like increasing protein or healthy fat content in ingredient crops

5. Create Natural Resistance

like protecting plants from insects and diseases 

6. Adapt for Climate Change

like developing drought or heat resistant varieties

Case Study

A New Type of Corn with up to 20% More Kernel Row Numbers

The Problem

Farmers face increased climate and productivity pressures. 

The Solution

  • As part of our five-year collaboration with Bayer, we deployed the Fulcrum platform to develop a new corn phenotype.

  • This new type of corn has dramatically increased kernel row numbers by up to 20%, with the potential to significantly increase yield, allowing farmers to grow more with less.
  • This new type of corn was first field trialed in 2021 - making Pairwise one of the first companies in the world to field test ​a gene edited crop.

The Business Impact

This innovation is a powerful example of our Fulcrum platform and how The Seismic Tweak is solving intractable environmental and commercial challenges.

Ready to Explore?

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