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Pairwise is pioneering the application of CRISPR technology in food and agriculture.

Imagine -


Eating delicious, convenient produce like pitless cherries or seedless blackberries


Or replacing natural resource-intensive supply chains with sustainable, plant-based alternatives


Or growing crops with higher yields and greater adaptability to climate change

We leverage our world-class Fulcrum™ Platform to edit plant genetics in 3 ways, delivering unique varieties of crops for growers, consumers, and the planet. 

Licensing simple

Technology Licensing

Access our industry-leading CRISPR technology for your own research and commercial product development.

Collaborations simple

Collaborative Partnerships

Product-based partnerships designed to create commercial advantage.

Consumer Foods simple

Consumer Foods

Seedless blackberries, pitless cherries, and more, grown to delight consumers, growers, and retailers alike.

We are Pioneers

We were founded by leading scientists, and our expert team uses CRISPR and gene editing techniques to transform plants and the production systems that are built upon them. We combine exclusive intellectual property and in-house designed tools to deliver gene edited products faster and more effectively. 

The Pairwise Difference
Toolkit simple

Proprietary CRISPR tools

designed to create transformative impact.

Diverse science w flair

Diverse scientific expertise

creating the best products possible, together.

The Results
Efficient RD simple

Highly efficient, proven R&D

for improved accuracy and faster product delivery.

Differntiated Products simple

Differentiated products

with clear commercialization rights.