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Our Fulcrum™ Platform

A complete suite of novel technologies and proprietary tools for applying CRISPR innovations to create commercially-viable products with differentiated plant genetics.

Let's Grow Something Amazing Together

Why choose our Fulcrum™ Platform?

Most genomic variation that occurs in nature is more complicated than if a particular gene is "on" or "off." So what do you do when you need more than a cutting tool?

Enter our Fulcrum Platform - the most extensively developed and validated toolbox for CRISPR application in plants, designed for cutting, base editing, and templated editing DNA in plants.

How do we know it works?

Our expert scientists use a variety of methods, including multiplexing, to achieve unprecedented results - like the ability to make 17 precise edits in a single plant to deliver the first CRISPR food to the U.S. market.

By pairing the transformative prowess of CRISPR with our proprietary gene editing tools, like SHARC™ and REDRAW™, you now have the leverage to tune plant characteristics and deliver commercially-viable products unique to your business.

Learn about our Fulcrum Platform in under 2 minutes. 


Ready for the leverage that comes from our Fulcrum Platform?

See our licenses and collaborations in action:
Licensing simple


Use your Fulcrum Platform License to grow from bold hypothesis to fully-realized product quickly and with confidence.
Collaborations simple


Achieve your business and sustainability goals with a Fulcrum Platform Collaboration.
In addition to our public partnership with Bayer, we also have undisclosed collaborations with other major food & agriculture organizations.

What our Fulcrum Platform can do

We have discovered that it takes only the smallest change to the tiniest of details to realize the epic potential of your business.

Through tiny alterations to a plant’s natural genetic sequence, we are able to deliver huge economic, social, and environmental change for people and businesses across the world.

With our complete gene editing toolkit, you can:

3. Change Shape & Size

like adapting plants for indoor agriculture or other growing environments, or turning trees into bushes

4. Adjust Plant Composition

like increasing protein or healthy fat content in ingredient crops

5. Create Natural Resistance

like protecting plants from insects and diseases 

6. Adapt for Climate Change

like developing drought or heat resistant varieties

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