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Pairwise applauds newly proposed exemptions in plants from USDA

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Following the USDA’s recent proposal for additional exemptions in the regulation of gene-edited plants, Dan Jenkins, Pairwise Vice President Regulatory and Government Affairs, offered the following statement:

“Pairwise commends the USDA’s proposal of additional regulatory exemptions that support specialty crops and better reflect the science of what is possible in conventional plant breeding. We believe this science-based proposal can help smaller companies working in specialty crops work toward achieving nutrition and sustainability goals. Our expert team at Pairwise uses CRISPR and gene editing techniques to transform plants and the production systems that are built upon them, delivering field-grown produce innovation that could otherwise be achieved through conventional breeding – faster and more effectively. The furtherance of these exemptions will help us achieve our like-minded goals to deliver safe, high-quality produce innovation and row crops that improve sustainability, nutrition, and healthy marketplace competition in the food system. We applaud the USDA for its thorough review and resulting progress.”

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