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The Launch of CRISPR Food: What's in store for producers and retailers?

CRISPR webinar
Pairwise made headlines last month with the launch of its first product, Conscious™ Greens, which is not only the flagship product of our consumer brand Conscious™ Foods, but also the first food developed with CRISPR to be available to consumers in the United States.

During the session, Haven Baker, co-founder of Pairwise, and other industry thought leaders delve into the significance of CRISPR technology in the food industry. They explore how this breakthrough can help address some of the most pressing challenges that producers currently face. 

Moreover, what does the entry of CRISPR produce mean for retail?  How are consumers reacting? As consumers become more conscious of the food they eat, forward-thinking retailers are adapting to meet these new expectations. Watch for answers to these questions and more in our free webinar.

The webinar includes:

Moderated by Sarah Evanega, Director of Stakeholder Communications, Pairwise.


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